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What’s in this Good S#%t Doc?

medicinal garden

I bet you’re just dying to know aren’t you?

What exactly goes into an amazing salve, tea, poultice, and more that restores your body to optimum condition? It’s the good s#%t.

You thought they were just hippy-mind-medicine made from weeds. Hmmm, if you DO think that then some clarity is most likely in order to clear up any confusion and brain-fog.

Herbs regularly get grouped together because of their properties. Some are culinary, some aromatic, while medicinal herbs can be utilized for, and used in, healing many ailments of the body.

Often a herb will belong to more than one of these groups.

The parts of the plant that can be used for herbal medicine are generally the seeds, bark, roots, leaves, or flowers.

Whenever you cook with herbs like basil, mint, sage, peppermint, thyme, rosemary, or yarrow to add extra “oomph” to your food – you’ve been practicing herbal medicine.

Herbalism evolved around the needs of the people. So it makes sense then that it uses things that are readily available. A good rule of thumb: the most common plants make the most effective home remedies for common ailments.

 Be free and happy!

Scott (The Free Ranger)



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