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What are your goals or dreams?

What goals do you have for your future? How do you imagine yourself getting there?

This is one of our goals to have a beautiful house like the one pictured, while living a more sustainable lifestyle. I love cooking and pottering around in the garden and also being able to share my passion for sustainability with other people and it often amazes people how simple it is to make small changes to more natural products, just with some of the products that you probably have in your kitchen.

One thing I am passionate about exploring further at the moment is making healing creams.  Currently I am using a lavender moisturiser at the moment which is great for healing burns and for scarring.  I find the lavender in the moisturiser is great for taking the sting away from a burn.

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2014-06-07 09.45.352014-04-10 19.18.18Our future home

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