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The Ultimate Chocolate Cake


It’s human nature to complicate things. But sometimes in order to achieve the simple life it pays to take what already works and build a tradition around it.

Birthday cakes are a perfect example.

Everybody has their own recipe, repeatedly used and handed down from generation to generation. Or pulled from a classic cookbook and assimliated into the family history.

This is one of the latter ones.

This rich, dark, and moist cake comes from Annabel Langbein who brands herself as the Free Range Cook. She is a culinary icon here in New Zealand, someone we admire greatly, and once you’ve tried this recipe you’ll understand why.

For obvious copyright reasons I haven’t reprinted her recipe. Simply click here to go to the recipe. It’s so quick and easy. Throw in the food processor, put into a tin, into the oven, bake, and cool. Bob’s your Uncle, Fanny’s your Aunt.

That’s how we roll at the Free Range Family. Nice and simple.

Be sustainably free!

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