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The Start of our Journey for a Free Range Lifestyle

Hello and welcome!

We are a family of four, Angela, Scott, Emily (7yrs) and Ryan (4yrs) who are currently living in Wellington, New Zealand.

We have been wanting to have a more sustainable life for a while now, but not been sure how to go about it.  This blog/website will offer insights on how we personally get there.  I will include some tips and ideas on how things have worked for us.  They may not work for others, and this is only my opionion.  I will include recipes that have worked for me and also various other tips/hints.

We are also attempting to reduce our grocery shopping, sticking to a budget of $100 per week or less.  We shall see how feasible this is considering we currently live in the city, don’t have chickens for a farm, or even much of a garden.  Although our goal is to move back to Wanaka sometime this year and live on a bigger section so we may have a good, productive vegetable and fruit garden.  We would also like to have chickens, so we can have fresh eggs.

I have been making our own bread for about the last 3 weeks, so far I have only slipped once, in buying bread last weekend to make fairy bread sandwiches for my daughter’s 7th birthday party.

I also needed something else for my kids lunches tomorrow, so went looking for a simple, quick loaf recipe.  I found a recipe for a sultana loaf, thought great, will get that on cooking while the bread is proving.  One look at all the ingredients and I realised I was missing one ingredient: eggs!  Oh no, I thought that will rule out a lot of recipes.  Well, I looked through one book of mine and found a recipe for sultana loaf that had no eggs.  I will include the recipe under the recipe section.  I have also discovered that if you are short an egg for a recipe you can use a tablespoon of white vinegar as long as you have another rising agent in the recipe such as self-raising flour, baking soda or baking powder. Brilliant!

I am really excited about our journey and hope you will enjoy following us to see where we end up with it.  Talk soon.



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