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Spring has sprung down here in the Southern Hemisphere.

Today it’s Labour Day. A national holiday in New Zealand when we pause for a moment to celebrate gaining a 40 hour work week.

Highly ironic in this day and age when for so many 40 hours is a quiet work week, and over that is really the norm.

Also ironic is that we celebrate working 40 hours a week and at the same time more and more of us aspire to create a 4 hour work week. Personally I think the 4 hour work week is a nice ideal, but not a practical reality (that’s for another post on another day 🙂 )

Labour weekend is also the time to traditionally plant out tomatoes. A guidepost for gardeners as it were.

This year Ange has been growing out tomato plants from seed. We normally buy as young plants from the garden center, but I have to say the experiment was a success and the satisfaction of planting younglings we’ve grown is something else again!

Experimenting and trying new things has been a hallmark of our journey towards sustainable living, and each year we get closer to self-sufficiency.

Sadly these tomato plants won’t be making the trip south to Wanaka with us.

We debated putting them into pots for easy transporting. In the end we decided to plant into the garden and leave them for the landlord and whoever comes next. We take the with us the knowledge we’ve gained and a bunch of tomato seeds so we can repeat the process once we’ve settled into our new home.

Teach a man to fish and all that jazz.

Stay free.




free range tomato plants

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