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Our Garden Transformation!

Hi all,

We are very proud of our garden transformation.  We have now planted out carrots, onions, celery, brocoflower, broad beans, swede, and peas and cabbage.  We were not able to water the garden properly due to the water restrictions on here in Wellington at the moment, but have been keeping a bucket in the shower to collect what water we can.  Finally today we have had some rain, not enough, but it is a start.  Hopefully we can nurture these plants to allow us to be a bit more self sufficiant with our veges.

Space Marked Out  This is the garden space marked out. Ready to dig.

Digging  This is Scott digging out the garden.

Putting on Topsoil  This is the unloading of the topsoil onto the garden.

Topsoil Done This is smoothing out the top of the garden ready for planting.

Garden1 Garden fully planted out with a small garden for Emily with her carrots.









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