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Hello All,

Just want to reiterate what we are hoping to achieve with this website and the journey our family are on!  Our intent is to gradually change our lifestyle to living a more sustainable lifestyle, where we grow our own vegetables and fruit, have chickens for our own eggs, do our own baking, make our own bread and also along the way make our own cosmetics and cleaning products.

We started this journey about 1 year ago with a vision to eventually move from Wellington back to Wanaka in New Zealand.  We currently live in a 2 bedroom flat in Wellington, small and with not much outdoor space for the kids to run around in.  But in the last year we have planted a vegetable garden which has been doing well, we have been making our own bread and we have stopped buying commercial snacks for the kids lunches from the supermarket, we now do our own baking.  The kids have been great with these changes, we are lucky that our children absolutely love fruit, so that is an easy snack for them.

I have also learnt how to make my own cosmetics and cleaning products to help save us more money.  I am passionate about educating people that want to know, how easy it is to make your own products and how little time it really does take to make these things.  If you want to know more about these products, wish to purchase a product or want to know how to make your own products, send me a message, I would love to hear from you.

Slowly, but surely we are making our dream become a reality.  We love feedback from people and would love to share our story about how we are going to be able to sustain our Free Range Lifestyle.

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