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Lavender Moisturiser/Magic Cream

Hello all,

One of my products that I have been making is all over body moisturiser as per Lyn Webster’s recipe from ‘Pig Tits and Parsley Sauce’.  Recently I made a lavender moisturiser, which I have been using on my kids when they have scrapes, burns etc.  They love the smell and it heals things really quickly.  My husband and myself have been working in hospitality for the last 20 or so years and we have long known of the healing properties of lavender essential oil with burns.

So I thought I would take Lyn’s basic moisturiser recipe and add lavender essential oil.  It smells wonderful and heals very quickly.  I recently had carpel tunnel surgery on my hand, I have been using my homemade lavender moisturiser since I got the bandage off.  The scarring has healed really quickly and looks really good, you would not realise that I only had the surgery 3 weeks ago. Also the moisturiser does not leave a greasy feel.

I have my homemade moisturiser for sale in 50 g pots for $5.00.  Currently I have lavender moisturiser and rose moisturiser.  However if you want another scent just let me know.  Also if you wish to learn how to make you own moisturiser and other products let me know and I can organise a class for you and your friends or a group.

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