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Home Made Lip Balm

Hello all,

I have been making my own lip balm  for a while now.  It really is so easy and quick to make, the longest part of the process is waiting for the balm to set.  Also it is very cost effective to make.

Currently I have a cinnamon and honey lip balm on the go.  The lip balm is really soft and feels very enriching on the lips.  Keeps them moisturised for a long time.  It also has a fantastic smell with the beeswax in it.

It is made up of only 4 ingredients, beeswax, carrier oil (sunflower, castor or jojoba), essential oil and honey.  For anyone wanting to know how to make this product and lots of other cosmetics and cleaning products, let me know or if you wish to purchase some lip balm, again, let me know.

Talk soon.

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