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Text of Grandfather Garden

Being Self-Reliant Isn’t About DIY

Being self-reliant isn’t about trying to do everything on your own; it’s about making common sense choices to improve your life.

I picked that concept up along the way somewhere, and being the writer that I am I filed it in my notebook.

It resonated with me probably because I’m older than I was yesterday. Younger me would have scoffed at the idea and carried on attempting to be an island – and failing miserably.

One thing I’m not lacking in is common sense, and the ability to learn from other people.

Which is good because Ange’s grandfather was a much better gardener than I’ll ever be.

Sadly I never met him, the anecdotal evidence from the stories Ange shares about a bountiful garden of eden and his legendary focus and commitment to the health of his garden however, leave me in little doubt about such things.

What he did leave us was his garden diaries. Meticulous recordings of what he planted, where, how much, and when.

Text of Grandfather Garden

1 Row Celery Planted | Top of Garden | B.B* chopped in earlier  *blood & bone

There is gold amongst those pages. Nuggets of information that save us having to reinvent the wheel or learn from all our mistakes.

If I was trying to be a DIY island I’d dismiss these as the ramblings of a mad fanatically obsessed gardener that couldn’t possibly be relevant to me today.

I’m not. Which is a good thing.

Because I can, using common sense, take the knowledge handed down to me by a man I never met and be more self-reliant, feed my family, and grow a better crop (hopefully) than I otherwise would have.

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