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A Season for Change


 It’s officially Autumn here in New Zealand.

wanaka in autumnAutumn in Wanaka

sustainable livingWanaka – the place we call home

We had a good Summer with plenty of warm weather to frolic about whether in work or play. Now crisp mornings turn into slightly warmer days and drop back again into chilly nights.

The shorter days and cooler weather tend to lend themselves quite naturally to greater reflection and stocktaking on where life is at.

And so it is here with the Free Range Family.

Our garden has given us plenty of wonderful healthy veggies this year. Tomatoes, broad beans, sweet peas and curly kale are some of the produce we’ve not had to buy from farmers markets or commercial shops.

And while our onions didn’t really supply us – for a first time attempt we now have a reasonable idea of what to expect when we next tackle them on our own.

But now our garden is barren, empty stakes and more than a few weeds (I know, I know!) are all that is currently growing.

There won’t be much more to follow either.

We’ve made the decision that now is the time to really crack on with our dream and make it a reality. That dream is to return to Wanaka in the South Island, our home we left in 2010 when we came up to Wellington to discover a new dream after our old one died.

Ange and I, with Emily and Ryan, plan to live off the grid, work online, and live a simpler more sustainable life.

It’s a dream that has grown since it found us. From needing to reduce our spending, to wanting to be more sustainable and on to desiring to live off-grid. Who’d have thought?

To make that happen we need to get ourselves back to Wanaka. Our spiritual home.

So we’ve decided that we need to focus on packing boxes, reducing what we have even further and not plant the garden for future crops. We won’t be able to take them with us anyway, and those who follow into us this house may not want to deal with a garden like we had.

Escape the Rat RaceBoxes in our garage – packed and waiting

When you make a decision to change your life you have to draw a line in the sand (to overwork the cliche) if you really want it to happen.

We do.

So that means no more garden for the short term. I have to admit the thought of not being able to wander outside and pick what I want fresh does cause twinges of regret. Ah well!

sustainable livingOur harvest from Summer past

 The thrill and excitement of what lies ahead when we start again does go a long way to helping me through these feelings. Making positive change does that to me I guess.

And once we have our place to live, there’ll be the joy of creating an even bigger veggie patch for self-sufficiency. Can’t wait!

What about you? Are you making plans to realise your dreams?

Come and join us on the journey.

Be free and happy!

Angela and Scott

P.S: If you haven’t already go and download our Manifesto here.

It’s your guide to escaping the rat race and becoming sustainably free

And who doesn’t want that, eh?



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