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5 Great Reasons to Start Your Own Medicine Garden

medicinal garden

It’s Autumn here in the Southern Hemisphere and Spring over in the North.

Spring is a great time to get the ground ready after the cold of winter and begin planting for the summer crops.

For me it’s time to starting thinking about the next garden we put down once we’ve moved. A good chance to make some initial designs and consider what we’d like to plant.

I’ve been thinking for some time about building up a decent medicinal garden full of variety and useful herbs, flowers and other necessary plants to keep the ills and chills at bay.

Since around 400 BC when Hippocrates famously stated “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” what we grew always played a large part in keeping us healthy.

Healthy that is until the pharmaceutical companies decided it was in your best interest (and theirs!) to promote popping pills as the silver bullet to curing mankind.

But were you even aware that 30% of the pharmaceutical drugs used today started life inside a plant.

 Before we go any further… we live in a world of arse-covering, lack of personal responsibility, an insane need to blame other people for our failings. I am not a medical professional, no really I’m not. I am not offering any medical advice. Yes I still use modern medicine (I’m simply more aware these days and don’t use indiscriminately). While this may or may not help you form an opinion, it’s not the bloody gospel. It’s simply another way to look at the world. See your doctor or medical practitioner and for god’s sake try using common sense (which I’m sure YOU do 🙂 ).

With that in mind, here’s five really good – amazing even – reasons to start your own medicine garden:


  1. Saves You Money

You betcha! As anyone who has ever bought a packet of paracetamol, or supplements for anxiety can attest those things ain’t cheap.

By the time those companies have researched, tested, manufactured their concoctions, packaged, marketed, bribed (being cheeky here), transported and passed their products along the supply chain someone has to pay for all the wages, patents, profits, etc.

Guess that would be us.

Cheaper by far is to ready some soil, plant seeds or plantings then harvest and produce your own.


  2. Knowledge is Power

Labels on packets and bottles don’t tell you how long they’ve been around or what they’ve been exposed to.

Growing your own medicines allows you to know exactly what you’re putting in and around your body and your family’s.

When it comes from your garden you can ensure the best potency and quality of your herbal remedies, and you have a hands-on relationship with the products from the very beginning.


  3. Escape the Medication Monopoly

At the slightest hint of a symptom today we are advised to “pop a pill”. No matter what someone has there seems to be a medication for it. Don’t stop, just “jack up”.

Using herbal remedies from your own garden puts you back in control of how you deal with your world. For example, chamomile is a well-known herb with anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial benefits. Try it as a tea. Your body will appreciate the extra fluid too.

Learn to listen to your body, what it’s trying to tell you. Maybe slow down or simplify for a change.


  4. Real-life Education: From Seed to Plate

How better to teach your kids than to show them about plants from the moment they enter the earth to the moment they eat them, and how that impacts their body. Teach them about tending the plants, patience while the plants grow, and the health benefits they gain.

A medicine garden = healthy body and healthy mind.


  5. It’s Right on Your Doorstep

Every time you take more pills they have to be bought from a shop, and transported there, and made with ingredients transported to the factory or lab.

Your medicine garden is right next to you. No transport required. Sure you need other items, but a lot of that can be homegrown, upcycled, or sourced locally. People talk about reducing your carbon footprint. I talk about common sense and living simply.

You realise people who stockpile chemicals are often making weapons of mass destruction.

Let food be thy medicine.

Plant Your Own Medicinal Garden

Be free and happy

Scott (The Free Ranger)



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