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Free Range Family in Wanaka

We made it to Wanaka!

We’re here in Wanaka!

Finally done it. Yep, we got on the boat and left Wellington.

See ya later alligator.

I was going to bollocks on about how our decision and journey back to our version of paradise had a deep lesson for you to learn from. If you chose to learn.

I even wrote the first draft.

What a load of pretentious waffle.

Here’s the upshot. We had a dream, we made a decision, and we made it happen.

Take from that what you will.

Are we living happily ever after? Ah no, not quite.

What follows is the reality of what we’ve done. I’m not going to justify anything. It’s our life, our decision.

Ange and I chucked in our day jobs. I had the promise of a solid writing project for the first three months of 2016 and no other work on the books. So my client roster is empty and there’s not much activity through Dec-Jan. The project gets shelved for the time being (which happens).

Our Free Range Family blogging and marketing efforts aren’t covering the bills (we launched our own product over Xmas). And we’ve stymied ourselves by a lack of consistency. Which we made worse by being in a camp ground with very limited wifi access – 100mb of free wifi per day ( gone in under 10 minutes) and limited ability to charge our devices.

Oh and I used my monthly mobile data in less than a week.

Hey, could be worse right?

To all outward appearances we’re crazy for going ahead with a move like this.

Poorly planned, and not well executed.

But …

We needed to get out of the flat we were in up in Wellington. With rents too high we couldn’t afford to stay in the area so we were on the move one way or another.

That meant the kids were going to a new school whatever happens. Wanaka was always on our radar as the place to get back to, so moving became a decision of two moves, somewhere else short-term until things were perfect for us to move to Wanaka, or one move directly here.

While the stars may not be perfectly aligned they’re in the same part of the night sky. And as I hear so often “if you wait until things are perfect before doing anything, you’ll always be waiting”.

Sometimes you just gotta jump into the river and paddle furiously.

Boy are we paddling.

And while I wouldn’t recommend anyone else do things this way, I’m pleased we jumped.




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